How to create a new wallet?

When you first log in (or if you have logged out of the wallet), the app will give you a short tour of Tonkeeper and TON Blockchain.

Next, the app will ask whether you want to create a new wallet or go to an existing one. Click the Create new wallet button.

Following that, you will be offered your 24-word seed phrase, which will serve as a form of login to the wallet. It is crucial to write it down in the precise order as it's shown. Also, record it in the exact order as provided since the seed phrase is the only way to access your wallet and assets, and it cannot be recovered in case of loss. Keep the seed phrase in a safe place, such as a regular paper notepad, and never reveal it to third parties!

The app will then ask you to enter a few words from the seed phrase in a specific order (for example, enter the 5th, 14th, and 19th words) to ensure you perceive the seed phrase correctly.

Next, you will need to come up with a passcode to enter the app (similar to banking applications) and confirm transactions in the future. Following that, Tonkeeper will ask you to confirm the passcode.

After that, the app will ask you to connect biometric data for easier login and confirmation of transactions. Of course, you can skip this step and use only the pin code, but we highly recommend biometrics.

Your new wallet is ready to use. Cheers!

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