Frequent transaction errors

To conduct transactions, the wallet must have 0.1 TON for transfers to exchanges or other people and approximately 1.1–1.5 TON (for working with NFTs and tokens) to cover fees. Some transactions take coins with a margin and then return “change". After a successful transaction, spread fees are refunded. Several errors are related to the lack of coins for the fee or operation. The errors are as follows:

Error 701. You don't have enough funds in the wallet to cover the fee, so sending is impossible. For example: you are trying to place a bid at an auction and have in your account precisely the amount required for the bid; however, you don't take into account the fee you need to pay and for which there are not enough coins. As a result, when confirming the operation, error 701 occurs, preventing the transaction from being completed.

Insufficient funds. The error indicates that there are no coins in the wallet to cover the fee for sending NFTs or tokens.

Failed to calculate fee. Your have few coins in your wallet, which is insufficient to cover both the micro transaction and the fee for it.

Unknown transaction. The wallet also doesn't have enough funds for the fee, but the transaction was made, recorded in the blockchain, and charged with the fee for recording, but nothing happened afterwards because you don't have enough funds to perform any action (bid at an auction, for example). And in this case, the transaction returns Unknown.

FAILED in the comment section when making an operation. This error indicates a lack of coins for the transaction. Example: If you bet 500 TON on an NFT but you only have 400 in your account, the Failed error will be displayed in the Comment section.

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