The Battery

What is the Battery, and what is it used for?

The Battery is an off-chain account in Tonkeeper that allows you to stop worrying about having TON, which is necessary for paying gas fees. We aim to make interacting with cryptocurrency simple and convenient, enabling you to exchange and transfer assets easily and confidently.

Currently, you can use the Battery for the following operations:

- Token swaps in the 'token+token' or 'token+ton' pairs;

- Token transfers;

- NFT transfers.

The battery is measured in charges that cover those network fees. For example, token swaps require ~50 charges, token transfers ~10 charges, and NFT transfers ~4 charges.

How to top up the the battery?

You can charge the Battery in several ways: send USDt, jUSDT, or NOT to the battery.ton domain, or buy it in Tonkeeper via the App Store on the iOS version.

To do this, tap the Battery icon on the wallet's main screen and choose the method that works best for you :)

Minimum limits for the Battery:

- 300 NOT

- 3 USDt

Can I issue a refund for the Battery?

We strive to provide an exceptional user experience, and our refund policy reflects this commitment. Every Tonkeeper user has the option to request a refund for the purchase of the Battery within the first 14 days.

To do this, click the Battery icon on the main screen next to the wallet balance, then proceed to the "Charge History" button at the bottom. Next to the transaction made no more than 14 days ago, A "Refund" button will appear/displayed.

Please note that Tonkeeper does not automatically refund cryptocurrency for purchases. The user must initiate all refund requests within the specified period.

Necessary: If you purchased the Battery through the App Store, the refund process also occurs on the App Store side. Apple will refund your purchase.

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